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Alnost Famous
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A picture sold on Ebay for an undisclosed amount. Two people can clearly be seen standing amongst the graves. Am yet to find any history of this photo but will update if any appears.

Ebay Ghost
A law enforcement officer took this picture of an abandoned old truck off of Honey Run Road in Chico, California.The optical elusion or ghostly apparition in the close up is quite striking

Truck Ghost
This photo was taken at Eastwood City in Manila. After asking somebody to take their picture, what they saw on the phone's screen shocked them. A ghostly being was beside the girl in right and it appeared to be holding her arm
Moblie Phone Ghost
Ghost Boy
This photo was taken during a publicity shoot at the Homestead Inn in Dahlonega, Georgia.It is reported that this is the image of Claude Worley, a former resident who was struck by a train, and died in the home.

Ghost In Bed
This photo was taken by Eric Spottke of a stretch of highway in Afton, Minnesota. According to Eric, a highway maintenance man was killed in this area after being struck by a drunk driver.
Close UP
Theses pictures are rapidly rising up the paranormal ladder. While some are just so amazing they have instantly entered into recent folk law, others are just too good to ignore and will no doubt become a part of paranormal history in years to come. So watch out for them because they are here to stay.
Close UP
This photograph was by Jackie Rhame of Florian. It clearly shows a semi-transparent figure of a little boy in the grass dressed in a red sweater with a white collar or shirt.
Road Side Ghost
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