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Alnost Famous
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This famous" False Positive" claimed that a nine-year-old boy committed suicide with a shotgun in the house where Three Men and a Baby was filmed and his spirit was accidentally captured But as you can clearly see in the second pic it is in fact a cardboard cut out of Ted Danson.

Three Men and A Baby Ghost.
This picture made the rounds through e-mail with many studied stories attached. One I read actually said if you didn't send the picture on you would die!! I would be interested in finding out who actually started all this and perhaps punch them in the only joking, or am I?..hehe

Ghost explained
At the back of this pic, near the baby in the push chair there seems to be a lady floating in mid-air. But if you scratch your noggin a bit you'll realise that she's actually running and caught in mid step, with her other leg behind the post. Pretty neat illusion
Foating Lady False-Positve
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The owner of the picture writes on his website "On Friday night Karen, Quinn and I went to Lincoln for the annual Christmas Market. We had a quick look round the cathedral. Here are the girls coming back from the toilets in the cloisters." This picture has been on many sites claiming to be ghostly nuns. The owner hasn't even the faintest about it.
Ghosts In a Cloister
This photo is from a website promote an author Sharyn McCrumb book and I truly believe she had no intention of misleading anyone. But I have seen this picture in many sites claiming its real. This another is a great example of how even pretend ghost pictures can quickly be spread around as fact.
While the word "Hoax" is pretty much self-explanatory "False Positives" can be one of many things. A trick of the light, an unknown real person or "fleshie" jumping in at the last moment or something as simple as a smear on a mirror which happened to resemble a face. The only thing all "False Positives" pictures have in common is that the people taking the photograph had no intention of misleading anyone and simply wanted to share their amazing find with the rest of the world. No one could blame them for that. So I mean no disrespect or make any allegations when adding their picture in this category. I am simply bring to light how easy it is for us all to be mislead.
E-mail Hoax
I’m sure who ever made this never guessed it would end up being sent to millions through their e-mail. And you would have to be pretty silly to think its real. Just for a laugh you should have a look at it through some 3D glasses, and you might see what it was really designed for.
Cannon Ghost